A tool designed to make co-parenting simple.


My Role

As the Lead Designer, I worked on the Dashboard Experience for a consumer-facing product. The end-users were parents and legal guardians.


How might we make co-parenting simple and stress free?

  • Interviewed separated and divorced parents.

  • Observed positive relationships.

  • Explored experiences that were both simple and stress free.

  • Experienced complicated and stressful life experiences.

  • Used insights to identify opportunities for design.

My Process

My Tasks

  • Defined feature sets for the MVP.

  • Defined the project scope and timeline.

  • Reviewed user stories to ensure designs accomplished project goals.

  • Created sketches, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs.

  • Established a Design System.

  • Organized and labeled information in a simple way.

  • Prototyped possible design solutions.

  • Provided design specs to offshore developer team.

  • Tested prototype with potential users for feedback and iteration.

  • Think through edge-case scenarios throughout design process.


Here are some of the key features we defined through this process.


My Expenses

A tool to help you keep track of childcare payments. 

Pain point - Accountability (judge) and transparency.



Message Center

A tool that supports positive communication.

Pain point - Accountability (judge) and transparency.

With Bonfami’s handy communication tool, all incoming and outgoing messages are checked for positive language, tone, and content.

Message Center Copy.png


My Community

Now you can access all of your child’s data in one place.

Pain point - Co-parents need to access their child’s personal information but hassle with getting information from the other parent or guardian. 

My Community.png


Interaction Design in Origami Studio.

My weekend project was to learn Origami before my interview with Facebook.

View more screens in InVision.

Design Work

I also worked on the kickstarter campaign.

Data Icon Design

My Goal

To create meaningful work and make an impact through design at Facebook.

Sharae Gibbs