Designing for Empathy

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I was given the unique opportunity to create a new logo, website, and presentation deck for Loris.ai – a startup that will help companies teach employees how to communicate.

I focused on understanding the tone and vision of the new company. By carefully reviewing months of aggregated data I was able to collect images that felt “on brand”. This inspiration board led the discussion for the overall aesthetic of the new brand. 

While the color scheme was forming there was a change in direction! The company name was changing and I simply had to readjust. I began to focus on the website and so I began content blocking. I later returned to the logo with a new sense of purpose. I am extremely proud of this work and look forward to the great work that is to come with Loris.ai!

“Terrific reception for the brand and website. You did a thoughtful, polished job. Grateful to you for speed and quality!” - Nancy Lublin, CEO of Loris.ai and Crisis Text Line

LORIS.AI - General Presentation Deck Design - Sharae Gibbs
LORIS.AI - General Presentation Deck Design - Sharae Gibbs
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