Citi - Simplicity Mobile App


My Role

Design Lead




Citibank - Web and Mobile

My Team

Design Lead, User Researcher, Information Architect, Front-end Developer, Product Manager

My Process

  • Focus Groups with Citi Customers

  • Pragmatic Personas

  • Journey maps

  • Insights and Discovery

  • Define Hills and Feature Sets

  • Presentation to Stakeholders

  • Low-fidelity Prototype

  • Usability Tests

  • Agile, Stand-ups, Sprints, White-boarding

My Tasks

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Visual Data Inspiration (American Express etc.)

  • Apply Citibank Global Brand Guidelines for Web

  • Apply Citibank Design System for Mobile

  • Sketches, Wireframes, and High-fi Designs in Adobe Photoshop

  • Prototype in Axure with IA

  • Usability Testing with Citi Customers

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