Intro to User experience (UX)

In this 6-week online course you will learn the basics of User Experience. You will explore the methods professionals use to gain customer insight. You will have access to our online community to network with professional women of color in tech.

Apply now to the Intro to UX Winter Cohort beginning on January 6, 2020.


 What you’ll learn in this course

You will learn how to anticipate user needs, apply design thinking, and implement proven research methods.

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User Experience


Learn the basics of User Experience.

Create personas, empathy maps, and journey maps.

Conduct user interviews and usability tests.


Design 101

Understand the elements and principles of design.

Communicate your thinking and design process.

Create sketches and wireframes.

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Design Thinking

Learn the key principles of human-centered design.

Create how might we statements, storyboards, and prototypes.


how to prototype

Identify different prototyping methods.

Use industry tools for wireframing and prototyping.

Test whether your prototype fits user needs.

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ux research & Strategy

Explore the techniques professionals use to gain customer insight.

Learn the user research process that can be applied to all design challenges.


design for Diversity

Learn tips to become a leader for diversity and inclusion.

Achieve diversity in persona creation.

Understand why diversity is a competitive advantage for companies.


The Women of Color Intro to UX Course made me feel confident in my skills. I can see myself claim the title of UX designer in the future now, as I continue to build my portfolio and build on my wonderful foundation and skills learned through the course.

Natalia arias, alumni


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our expert mentors are here for you

We are passionate about supporting women of color. We are leaders in design thinking and experience design.


Brian Ng

Senior Product 

Alltime Power


Savannah Carlin

Product designer



Nelcy Nunez

User Experience Designer

The Home Depot


Ashley Glover

UX Designer 



Sam Provenza

Product Designer



Katasi Kulubya

Sr. UX Designer

Walt Disney Studios


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