Course Overview

The Women of Color UX Design Course is a 10-week program designed to accelerate women in design and technology. In this course, we will cover the basic concepts of User Experience Design, with a focus on strategic thinking. Students will learn how to turn complex problems into useful solutions. They will also learn how to anticipate users needs, apply design thinking, and implement proven research methods. Students will gain insights from professional women of color in the tech and design industry.

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The Women of Color UX Design course will prepare students to think strategically and approach problems creatively. Throughout this course, students will build a portfolio to showcase their UX skills. Students will also learn how to use the latest industry tools. This program was designed with beginners in mind. We take pride in teaching all levels of students.

In this 10-week course you will:

  • Learn the basic concepts of User Experience Design 

  • Explore the techniques professionals use to gain customer insight

  • Build a portfolio to showcase your applied UX skills

  • Gain insight from women of color in the tech industry 

  • Work one-on-one with our professional leadership team

  • Get feedback on all of your work during online review sessions

  • Get access to a Job Counselor

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Payment plans

We now offer payments plans to students and young professionals interested in a career in UX.

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Refund + Cancellation Policy 

  • You have the right to cancel your enrollment at any time. You must email to cancel your enrollment.

  • You have a one week grace period once classes begin to cancel the course for any reason and receive a full refund for all payments made. 

  • If you cancel the course after the one week period, you will not be eligible for a refund.