What you’ll learn in this course

You will learn how to anticipate user needs, apply design thinking, and implement proven research methods.

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User Experience


Learn the basics of User Experience.

Create personas, empathy maps, and journey maps.

Conduct user interviews and usability tests.

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Design 101

Understand the elements and principles of design.

Communicate your thinking and design process.

Create sketches and wireframes.

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Design Thinking

Learn the key principles of human-centered design.

Create how might we statements, storyboards, and prototypes.

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how to prototype

Identify different prototyping methods.

Use industry tools for wireframing and prototyping.

Test whether your prototype fits user needs.

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ux research & Strategy

Explore the techniques professionals use to gain customer insight.

Learn the user research process that can be applied to all design challenges.

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for Diversity

Learn tips to become a leader for diversity and inclusion.

Achieve diversity in persona creation.

Understand why diversity is a competitive advantage for companies.